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Exclusive UK Edition IMA Salt Skimmers

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The IMA Salt Skimmer needs very little introduction. An absolute proven top-water lure having accounted for a serious amount of fish off the surface. 

It's one of our favourites when it comes to top-water lures and never leaves the A-team box of lures. 

Now we finally have the new exclusive colours for the UK. All three new additions looks like perfect pieces of fish candy.

I have developed a soft spot for the "Ghost Anchovy" version, a very similar colour to the ever so popular 500G pattern on some Xorus lures like the proven Asturie's and Patchinko's. 

Pictures certainly don't do these new Salt Skimmers any justice, they look much better in real life and I am sure they will gain huge popularity.

Fiiish Black Minnow Explained

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What makes the Black Minnow such an outstanding lure?The Black Minnow is fast becoming legendary among anglers worldwide and right here in the UK. Whether they are targeting Bass or the many other species that just simply can't resist it, in both fresh and salt. It's a weedless paddle tail shad with an articulated jig [...]

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