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Fiiish Black Minnow Explained

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What makes the Black Minnow such an outstanding lure?

The Black Minnow is fast becoming legendary among anglers worldwide and right here in the UK. Whether they are targeting Bass or the many other species that just simply can't resist it, in both fresh and salt. It's a weedless paddle tail shad with an articulated jig head that can be fished in a variety of conditions from off-shore reefs to sandy bays and rough as rats ground covered in weeds. A truly universal lure!

The unique feature of the Black Minnow is that this lure consists of three separate parts: a jig head, a strong Stainless Steel hook and a soft plastic body. These different parts are all perfectly matched. It's a simple concept that offer great flexibility to the angler allowing different colour and weight combinations without having to mess around and wondering what hook size and jig head to use. Sure, it's still just a shad but one that the guys at Fiiish seem to have successfully reinvented.

Available in pre-rigged combo packs in different weights and sizes, ready to just clip on and fish. And off course  in separate components, loose bodies, jig heads and hooks in a huge range of sizes, colours and weights. 

Choosing the correct components.

Colour coded size guide.

Fiiish have developed a clever colour coded system to allow you to simply match all the correct components with the correct sizes. Simply match the same colour tag or number of the jig head with hook and soft plastic body of the same colour for a perfect match. This make it easy to build your minnow with the correct weight or size for depth or aplication you want to use it. 

Selecting the right jig head.

Rigging the Black Minnow.

  • Attaching the jig head to the lure body

  1. Start with lure body in one hand and the jig head in the other hand, turned upside down.
  2. Push the PH2S rigging system into the hole in front of the body.
  3. Gently twist the jig head inside the lure body.
  4. This is what you end up with, the jig head sitting flush with the lure body.
  • Securing the hook to the black minnow

  1. Try practicing without a lure body to understand how the KROG hook secures to the PH2S rigging system. Start with the hook upside down.
  2. Do it with the lure body attached to the jig head. Turn the hook upside down and put the eye of the hook over the wire of the PH2S system.
  3. Go along the attachment system wire and ensure that the hook is in the correct position.
  4. Bring the point of the hook up through the pre-drilled hole. Open up the hole through which you now put the point of the hook.

Tips and tricks.

Glueing - Put a drop of superglue between the back of the jig head and the front of the lure body. This helps secure body to head for better articulation and help prevent ripping. 

Technique - A great way to fish the Black Minnow from shore or boat is to let it hit the bottom and then fish with a slow to medium paced sink and draw action.

Strike - This fishing is all about feel. Be ready at all times to strike a solid bite.

Check it - Regularly check to make sure that the hook is sitting properly on the PH2S rigging system. 

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