Sufix Rapinova X8 Stealth Grey 20lb

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Rapinova is a high-performance braided line that meets the needs of every angler and is fast becoming my ultimate braid. Ticks all boxes in linear strength, knot strength, abrasion resistance, softness and roundness much higher than braid double the price and is very handy coming in 150m spools. In my opinion one of the best braids currently available on the market.

● Made in Japan.
● 100% Dyneema®.
● Soft and silky smooth line has low friction in the rod guides, which results in silent performance and long, accurate casts:
● Excellent strength to diameter ratio
● Round and smooth braid
● High abrasion resistance
● Long casting

Breaking Strain:
20lb / 11.9kg
0.185 / PE 1.2