Tackle House P Boy Casting Jig 25g 11G - Assist Hook

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The SHK version is equipped with assist hook Decoy DJ 78 for 25 and 35 g and DJ 79 for 50 and 65 g.

The P Boy Casting series is designed for ultimate long casts, for reaching distant hot spots, or to keep you at a safe distance from swell and crashing whitewater.

Its streamlined body that tapers out towards the tail is designed like that to bring the lure to life with twitches of the rod, and to keep it tangle free. The head end of the P Boy will dance from side to side as you twitch, and if allowed to flutter down the fish are renowned to smash the Pee Boy on the drop.

When fishing white water situations Bass are right in there, in amongst the foam and swell looking for confused Sandeel and baitfish. Keeping yourself at a safe distance is necessary, but many lures just won't reach the action. 

This is where the P Boy comes into its own, and hang on to your rod as a Bass in white water, with its senses alive and blood pumping will fight extremely hard.

Single Assist 1/0