Ultimate Fishing Biomax Sayori Shad Tiny 100mm Aji Silver Glitter

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The Sayori shad is a very popular paddle tail that's been around for some time but still very popular and have accounted for plenty of big Bass, Cod and Pollock.

It is a fantastic long casting paddle tail with a very nice swimming action. They are basically a much fancier version of the Savage Gear sandeel. Ideal for shore fishing and no boat angler should be without these.

They fit perfect on a range of jig heads. I normally match them with Xorus Coyotte 7g / Xorus Coyotte 10g / Xorus Coyotte 15g 

These lures are hand poured in Japan and are very supple but very strong...

Aji Silver Glitter
Pack Contains:
6 bodies per pack