Xorus Asturie 130 - Sun Sprat

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The Asturie 130 is the newest edition of the Asturie range and the bigger brother of the very popular Asturie 90 and 110. This lure has almost a cult status in France where anglers have been smashing bass on it for years. The French technique is very different compared to over here in the UK. They tend to be quite violent with the Asturie whereas we tend to be quite subtle with it.

Mix it up, do your normal long slide and walk the dog etc but don't be afraid to give it some violent jerks with the rod tip high and then the same with the rod pointing straight down, it seems to work very well across the water in France!

It's a long casting lure that will fly out and will work beautifully even when the water gets a bit lively. One of my favorite surface lures to work over a shallow reef when a bigger profile is required to pull the fish up from the reef.

Surface but possible to slide under to 2ft max
Walk the dog / Long slide / V wake