Xorus Patchinko II 500G

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The Patchinko is in our opinion one of the best surface lures for bass and have accounted for a lot of Bass throughout the UK. Slight twitches of the wrist on the retrieve will bring this lure to life. Two different size ball bearings give it a great sound for bringing fish up from depths and also annoying them to strike in shallow water. 

The Patchinko ll is 14cm long and weighs 27g, and being so streamlined it casts very well into the wind and almost works it self on the retrieve. The Patchinko ll will handle a lively sea well without being tossed about making it ideal for for windy and rough conditions but don't be afraid using it during calmer conditions.

Many anglers also have a lot of success with this lure targeting Bass during darkness waking it across the flow in calm conditions.


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